2. Meal


One article, one article, hospitality with heart

We offer our guests the best food, with the cuisine of this facility, prepared by the cooks one by one.
Please enjoy as relaxing memories of the trip.
  • One example of dinner

    Every season, seasonal ingredients are used in luxuries, and the cook cooks one dish and one dish, making a wholehearted meal.
    The main meat dish using mellow and high-quality Japanese beef "Shinshu Beef grown with apples", local mountain vegetables and rock fish, etc. are devised, and it keeps in mind the menu which is not ordinary.
    Spring dishes that incorporate the delicious "edible wild plants" of the season, by the time June, dishes of early summer limited Nemagaridake(bamboo shoots) Enjoy plenty of local seasonal ingredients and enjoy the gorgeous Keikoku-no-yu spring cuisine.
  • Shinshu Beef Fillet Steak

    In the main grade UP top quality plan, we offer fillets of mellow and high-quality Japanese beef "Shinshu Beef grown with apples". Please enjoy the deliciousness of Shinshu Beef you know. I also recommend it to the first time.
  • Grilled grilled Shinshu Premium Beef rib loin

    The Main Grade UP plan offers Shinshu Premium Beef Rib Loin “Water Stove Grilled”. Please enjoy Shinshu Premium Beef with beautiful sashimi.
  • Breakfast example

    A delicious breakfast made from fresh local vegetables and Shinshu ingredients.
    Homemade Koshihikari (rice) rice cooked plumply.
    We offer healthy breakfast that is kind to your body and mind.