【Official】Onsen inn on a plateau.Keikoku-no-yu

Have a special time with your loved ones.

Shiga Kogen filled with beautiful nature throughout the four seasons.
I can not experience everyday in the forest where the cool air flows
How about a stay that enjoys a moment of healing?

There are eight types of rooms to decorate your stay.
There are rooms with an old-fashioned house style and rooms with an observation open-air bath
A variety of room types are available.
You will surely be healed by the extraordinary green world that you want from the outside of the window.

There are two types of baths: a large public bath and an open-air bath.
In the observation bath surrounded by green, in the fresh air
You can enjoy the body-friendly Sulfur Spring.

Such as dinner Shinshu Beef and mountain vegetables, the ingredients of the Shinshu of season
Enjoy a multi-course meal prepared with a passion.
For a fresh taste that only local ingredients can offer,
You will be totally satisfied.

In this gorgeous Japanese inn, "Keikoku-no-yu",
Please enjoy the time of peace in refreshing green.

About approach about new coronavirus infectious disease

  • Keikoku-no-yu, we are implementing new coronavirus infection control measures.

    Keikoku-no-yu, we take preventive measures against infectious diseases so that our customers can have peace of mind.Therefore, we are reviewing some of our services, but we will continue to welcome you with the same heart and hospitality.
    Please heal your daily fatigue and refresh yourself with the hot spring Keikoku-no-yu and hot springs.

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  • Reservation for GoTo Travel Campaign is on the Official website! ※Campaign is suspended

    ●Reservation flow
    1. From the bottom of this page, please make a reservation with your desired plan and accommodation date.
    2. Coupons will be issued from the coupon issuing site "STAY NAVI", so please log in to check.
     ※STAY NAVI membership registration is required.
     ※Please note that it is different from the coupon number of the regional common coupon.
    3. Please present the coupon number issued by "STAY NAVI" at check-in.
    Four. Campaign discount applied! Please settle the amount after discount.

    Regional coupons will be given at check-in.It can be used to pay for beverages and additional dishes at dinner at the property.

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Hotel Name

Onsen inn on a plateau.Keikoku-no-yu


7148 Hirao, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai County, Nagano Prefecture

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·About 30 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Shinshu Nakano IC.
·7-minute pick-up car from Shiga Kogen Yamano-Eki Nagano Electric Railway Shiga Kogen Line
 The nearest bus stop in the hotel【Shiga Kogen, Yama-no-Eki】We will pick you up for free
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From 8:00 to 20:00